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Episode 5 – Kaneza Theogone – Survivor and Peacemaker

Hello again, curious people! In the previous episodes, we’ve focused on arts and literature and their role in the context of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. But in this episode, we had the special chance to conduct an interview with Kaneza Theogone, a pastor, peacemaker, educator, and surivor of the 1994 Genocide against theContinue reading “Episode 5 – Kaneza Theogone – Survivor and Peacemaker”

Episode 7 – Reflecting on our Journey

Hello, curious listeners! Thank you so much for accompanying us on this journey of memory. For this seventh episode, we decided to reflect on our experience in creating this podcast — where we started, what we learned, and where we’re headed. We’ve brought together highlights from previous episodes, including statements from Boubacar Boris Diop, MalaikaContinue reading “Episode 7 – Reflecting on our Journey”