Episode 2 – Black Earth Rising

Welcome back, curious people!  After the historical overview of the topic and the framework of our podcast project presented in the first episode of the podcast, we now want to start off our journey and talk about how literature and art create, shape, and restore our collective memory.  As a starting point, we chose theContinue reading “Episode 2 – Black Earth Rising”

Episode 1 – Starting Our Journey

In 1994, a genocide against the Tutsi people took place in a small, landlocked African country: Rwanda. But what actually happened in 1994? How did the genocide against the Tutsi come about, how was the international community involved, and how are the events connected to colonial histories?  With our first podcast episode, we wanted toContinue reading “Episode 1 – Starting Our Journey”

Episode 1: Links and Resources

As addressed in our first Episode, the story of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi is complex and rooted in many different histories, including Colonialism, the Introduction of Hamitic Theory, Propaganda and Socio-economic events. We just scratched the surface – learn, read and find our for yourself! Books: Dallaire, Roméo: Shake Hands with the Devil.Continue reading “Episode 1: Links and Resources”

About: Our Podcast Title

Why (Re)membering Rwanda? The title for our podcast was inspired by the book Re-membering Africa by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. He includes the dash between “re” and “membering” to call attention to the fact that Africa and African people were literally dismembered — the African continent was carved up and dismembered due to European colonialism, AfricanContinue reading “About: Our Podcast Title”